Saturday, November 22, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 17)

I am thankful for the internet and this strange new world of blogging that God has opened up before me. My friend Jill says I'm a natural blogger. I must confess that I do enjoy it; though, at times I wonder if becomes an obsession.

The thing about blogging for me is that it is a community. Perhaps that is what I am grateful for -- the blogging community. There are people that I leave comments or visit (sorry not always comments) on a regular basis. I love keeping up with me.

Then there are people who join me here. You all have been good for my self-esteem. Seriously, in many ways I think you have helped me find a voice as a writer. You have stretched my thinking and made me laugh. You have prayed and I have prayed for you. Blogging has taught me a lot.

And then there is the unexpected joy of traversing through blogland (that's what I call it) and discovering my blog listed on someone's site as a blog that would be good to visit. To my knowledge they have never left a comment, so we haven't been "introduced" in that way. But, to have it listed means it might just be that they are a frequent reader. That does a writer's soul good.

And there is the hope that I am challenging, encouraging, and helping others. So, I'm thankful for this bloggy family/community I have found myself in this past year.


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