Sunday, November 23, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 18)

When I was a senior in college, my sister and I started a small group with four freshmen women. The group blossomed to 20! I Whole heatedly believe that it was because we prayed.

When it was just the six of us, we prayed that more people would come and held each other accountable to inviting others. When people started coming, that core group of six started meeting at 7:00 AM one day a week to continue interceding for the group. It was an amazing time of fellowship and we were astounded at how God brought people to us and how bold He made some of us in inviting others to join us.

I am grateful that God hears our prayers and is moved by them. Not only that, I am grateful that the Holy Spirit sometimes prompts us to pray for others, helping us to join in God's plans.


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