Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Truth Heals

It's Tuesday. While I enjoy Tuesdays, I didn't really want this one to come. It's the last chapter of Lisa Whittle's book hosted by Lelia. It's been fun to share with everyone what God is doing and even have the author chime in.

Everyone says that the truth will set you free. But what truth will set you free: the truth. It's not just any old truth out there that in our day and age may not be truth at all. It's the truth about who we are in relationship to Jesus.

Lisa share's several truths that sum up the truth (her words in blue):
Truth #1: Recognition -- God created you exactly the way you are, with your unique personality and temperament, since He is incapable of making a mistake.

I know this is true, but honestly, I have a hard time believing it at times. I often times feel like a mistake -- something that was just thrown together from left over bits. The truth is that God knit me together in my mother's womb. I use to knit and would frequently drop stitches. Somehow I have a hard time believing God has ever dropped a stitch. So, why is it so hard for me to believe that He created me just the way I am suppose to be?

Truth #2: God created you with a free will to choose your behavior and mess up your own life.

Ouch. But I know it is true. I make choices that impact my life every day. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. And sometimes other people's choices impact me. But, ultimately, even when they impact me I am given another choice in how I respond. My life is very much about the choices I have made and continue to make.

Truth #3: Resolution

God wants us to figure out who we are in Him and not try to be someone else. Really, that is what this whole book has been about -- our tendency to try to be someone we're not. God made us for a purpose. Maybe all the pretending gets in the way of what God is doing in our lives and the lives of others.

We are imperfect, flawed. But Jesus has chosen to bestow His grace on us. We need to grapple with that truth, the truth of His love and care, to really become who we were meant to be.

I love the idea of choices. In essence that is what I have done with both my Hope Chronicles and my 40 to 40. The first was a choice to choose hope consistently for a year. The second is a choice to choose gratitude and a different outlook on turning 40. So, this year I have tried to make good choices that hopefully point to Him.

What choice can you make that might draw you closer to Him?



Paula (SweetPea) said...

Amy, oh how I can relate with you on feeling like a mistake. Well, not really like a mistake but rather so many times I've felt just plain ordinary...not some fabulous creation of God, nothing unique or special. Yet, that is what I am. That is what you are. We are specifically designed by God and that at times is hard for me. As I posted, sometimes I feel that my flaws and mistakes have overridden what God originally intended me to be. I'm trying to accept the opposite.

I didn't like to see this journey end but I'm glad we'll be starting anew next year.

Anonymous said...

This has been a wonderful book study! I love your hope & grateful posts--our choice of attitude makes ALL the difference!

From "one dropped stitch to another"--Kim

Darlene said...

I love how you say this: "Everyone says that the truth will set you free. But what truth will set you free: the truth."

HE is THE truth.

Amen, girl!!!

So blessed to have shared this journey with you,

Cindy said...


Aaahhhh ~ His Truth Is Freedom!!

It has been a pleasure walking this journey with you. God has really poured out His love on all of us.

You could never be a mistake! You are God's chosen daughter!

Bless you, Cindy

Lelia Chealey said...

Nope. You are not bits & pieces. From going from bloggy friend to spending time with you at She Speaks to phone calls...you are a beautiful woman of God who smiles with her eyes.
You are so sweet Amy and I am so blessed to call you a "real life" friend.
Thanks for sharing the honesty in this post. You are an important part of the ministry God has going on in blog world. Believe that He is using you my friend and Lisa is so right...it's so good to be used by God. Just feels better. :)
Love you!

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

The choice I make is to live in His truth, not the past. I am a new creation, different now than then. No one can take away what God has replaced!

Amy-look at what God is doing in and through you...that is no mistake. Even!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Lisa said...

You are one of my few bloggy friends I have actually gotten to meet in person, and I am so thankful for that. As I told you before, I think you have a most beautiful smile!

In your posts, I hear a unique and interesting woman who is not afraid to admit she doesn't feel like she has it all together. I love the uniqueness in you, and I love the honesty. You are so not alone in your thoughts, friend. Honestly, the first step to walking in truth, Recognition, is the one women get tripped up on the very most. It seems simple and believable enough, yet if we are honest we admit that we still don't feel it. Continue to let HIM convince you of just how special and unique you are. I pray you will begin to see yourself through His eyes and not believe the lies of not being "good enough." Friend, it is something all of us must come to. You are in good company if you don't feel all put together! I can certainly relate!

Much love to you always...and please don't be a stranger! I'll be visiting you in blogworld!

Lisa :)