Wednesday, November 19, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 14)

I am grateful for a new opportunity that God has brought my way. A little over a month ago, I met a Christian author in town at the bookstore. She was there for a book signing and one of the managers told her I was promoting her book. She left me a card with her phone number and said to call her. A couple weeks went by and I finally did call her. In the midst of the conversation she learned that I love to write. She invited me to be part of Christian Women's Writing Group that meets once a month in town.

I went this past Saturday and really enjoyed it. There was a lot of chatter, but then all 9 of us took turns reading something we had written. It was great to get the feedback and suggestions. Perhaps, this is also a new place to make some new friends.



cautious1 said...

Hi Amy -
I've been very negligent in my blog surfing as of late. I'm glad that you have had the opportunity to meet with some writers. That sounds pretty neat. I hope that they enjoy your writing as much as I do! Hope you are doing well! :)

Joyful said...

Wow Amy, what a wonderful opportunity the Lord brought your way. Glad you enjoyed your time with the other writer's - sounds like a great experience.

Hope you've had a good day,

Lelia Chealey said...

How awesome Amy!! I'll be praying for you.