Monday, November 24, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 19)

I am grateful for all the time that I got to spend at InterVarsity's Cedar Campus. It is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan right on Lake Huron. Once I tried to tally how many weeks of my life I spent up there as a student and staff. There was the one week my first year, 5 weeks including the Leadership camp the next year, three weeks on staff the following year, . . . . I think I easily topped a year over my life, in small chunks spent at this beautiful place.

Cedar Campus stands as a place of peace for me and also a place of spiritual growth. It was hear that I really learned to dig into scripture and have it come alive. It was here that I began to hear God speak in a new way in my life. It was hear that I heard the call to go on staff with InterVarsity for a time. It was here that I saw God use me to impact the lives of students. I am thankful for this place and hope to go back to visit sometime. Though, I know it won't be the same without all the old, familiar faces.


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Heather said...

Oh, do I miss Cedar,
But am I so glad for the opportunity to have gone there, and for how God used it in my life.
That was where I learned the joy of retreats of Silence. While I was there for SLT, I looked so forward to Sunday afternoons! My favorite spot? the end of the dock. By the water, in the sun, and far enough away from my bed that I wasn't tempted to sleep! :)
I loved that camp. My friend Gwen was the cook on the Mariner's Cove side for one year, and I went up there to visit her and help her in the kitchen for a week that summer. Just so I could go back! :)
I love your gratitude posts... they remind me of what's important... there is so much to be thankful to God for.
I appreciate the reminders.
God bless,