Friday, November 14, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 9)

I am thankful for my Compassion International children. Kayiranagwa and Ambar are my current children. Delia was my child in Ecuador until the middle of July. For some unknown reason, her parents pulled her out of the program. I was troubled by this. Compassion International invited me to take another child in Ecuador and assigned me Ambar. Thus far, I've only gotten one letter from Ambar, but I was so excited to get it!

There are times when I don't necessarily feel like I have the funds to send. But then I also know I took on a responsibility to these children and it is humbling to read about how little they and their families survive on. I am thankful that they are teaching me to give both monetarily and through writing. I really try to write every two to three weeks.

And they bless me. They tell me that they are praying for me and send me pictures they drew. So, I am thankful for Compassion International and particularly my girls. I still pray for Delia.


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