Friday, November 21, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 16)

Today I was thinking about some of my old clients. A few were homeless. They may or may not get into a shelter at night. During the day, they were "kicked out" of the shelters to spend the day roaming the streets.

It's cold here now -- low thirties. I cannot imagine being homeless -- especially homeless in this weather.

So, I am thankful for my warm home, warm coat, warm pj's, all of it. Too often I take these things for granted. Today I am not doing that! I'm counting each one of my warm things as a blessing.


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Lelia Chealey said...

OH Amen!!! I'm at work right now and it is so cold outside and my client has the AIR CONDITIONER on!!!! On purpose!! I'm freezing, but am thankful I get to get in a warm car in the morning and go to a warm house with the HEAT on! :)