Wednesday, November 26, 2008

40 to 40 (Gratitude 21)

I'm a time person. I like spending time with significant people in my life. I guess some people would classify that as one of my love languages.

One of my favorite days was a couple Thanksgivings ago. I had made a major change in my life and I wanted some import on a decision which involved looking at various spaces. My friend Jill went with me as I was trying to make the final call. After looking at the spaces, we went to Culver's for lunch and then headed back to her house to do some prep for Thanksgiving the next day.

I don't remember anything significant about the conversation. I just remember truly enjoying the time spent with her.

I am grateful for friends who spend time on me.


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On Purpose said...

Amy I read about your day yesterday on Lysa's blog...just stopping to say I am sorry this happened to you. And I am praying and knowing God will heal the hurt. Love to you and prayers up to Him!